www.lowtechmagazine.com: great article and comment to the sceptics.

Post date: Oct 27, 2012 1:59:24 AM

But, but,...

It's more expensive than a bicycle!

It can't carry as much as a van or even a cargo bike. Especially children and square objects!

It's not fast enough - it will enrage fossil drivers! It's too fast - teenagers will kill themselves in it.

It can only be used 50 weeks a year!

It's too wide. And there's no passenger seat.

It's a sports car! Why not make one of wood?

It's too rare! 6,999,999,9990 non eWAW drivers can't be wrong.

Shht, don't tell anyone about it, or the Law will spew regulations.

The world isn't ready for it. It isn't ready for the world.

It's a classic case of resistance to change. People aren't gladly confronted with the insight that they spend a day's wage a week on a car to stand a day a week in traffic. It's over folks! Roads are closed, oil is robbed, overconsumption's future isn't what it used to be. Just evaluate honestly what you experience on the road. Wouldn't you rather go out and play?

This article presents a solution to a fair amount of the first worlds important problems. It's here, it's mature, it's affordable, it's safe, comfortable and quick. It's healthy and green, good for your body and soul. And most of all, it's a blast to ride. What the hell do you want more? Are you only going to believe it if it's served to you by multinational marketing departments? Be a sheep and queue up - or be a lion and trust your power.

Godspeed you lowtechmagazine.com

Brecht Vandeputte

eWAW rider and maker (you couldn't tell, could you?)