De definitieve velomobiel boordverlichting

Post date: Oct 17, 2012 11:27:59 AM

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The long awaited on-board electricity has been tested and finetuned and is available on new WAWs and as a kit. We've never been happy with the small surface of powerLEDs but we found a great solution. In the front we've custom buillt integrated, 10mm diameter LEDs into the mirror stalks. Very discrete yet visible, and a decent indication of the width of and distance to the WAW. In the picture, a Philips 60 lux capped beam high beam is built into the nose. Aft we used black anodized aluminium indicators from WatsenDesign in Canada. Expensive in velomobile terms (as opposed to motorcycle standards) but the best we've ever come across. It's a lot of work wiring the on-board electricity so we might as well use the best base material.

A little video tour of the lighting in our showroom:

Dashboard, indicators and parking light:

Stephane has integrated cable ducts into the carbon frame for elegant cabling of the on board electricity. Hard to include a picture as it's all neatly tucked away.