Why a WAW?


The Waw is a very efficient and consequently very fast velomobile that was designed to be used on a daily basis in regular traffic conditions.

For dead-on speed, the Waw is among the fastest velomobiles available, due to its aerodynamic shape with minimal frontal area and sleek lines. The Waw accomplishes this maintaining excellent handling properties and stability thanks to the relatively wide track and low centre of gravity.

Drove all the way home back to Finland!

















Unique design

The structure of a Waw is comparable with that of a car : the centre part of the body is a self-supporting structure, providing an excellent compromise between lightness, sturdiness and safety. The integrated roll bar extending behind the riders head increases protection.

Steering is done by the two suspended front wheels, the non-suspended rear wheel is driven. This combination results in a tight and sporty drive style.

Crank axle and seat can be adjusted to fit different rider sizes.

The front and the rear part of the body are detachable, making the Waw a lot shorter for transport or for long-term storage (2m80 to approx. 1m80), simplifying maintenance and, possibly, repair of these body parts.

Daily use

Riding the Waw can be done where one usually rides a bicycle or moped, since the Waw is a lot narrower than one might expect (max 75 cm).

Waw op de Minnemeersbrug

Depending on the situation, riding speed and applicable laws, one rides on the cycling path or on the road. A reasonable amount of luggage can be easily carried along beside and behind the rider seat, where it is safe and dry and not disturbing the aerodynamics.


Kap op de neus
Kap op de neus

The Waw can be ridden with the aerodynamic hood with adjustable windscreen, with a different, head-out hood or just convertible, without the hood. The body gives ample weather protection, making cycling in all kinds of weather more pleasant and relaxing, as one is less dependent on the weather compared to a regular bicycle.

The Waw is produced mostly by hand, on specification of the customer and in limited series. With the experienced gained with the Waw, we one day hope to be able to launch even better velomobiles into the world.

For more information we can be reached at info@fietser.be.

The idea and design of the Waw comes from Frederik Van De Walle.

Development and production are in the hands of Dries Callebaut.