TerraTrikes to rent

Models available in Gent

TerraTrike Path


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FietsenCentrum Mobiel Kortijk

TerraTrike Cruiser

1 model to rent

TerraTrike Zoomer Elite

To be ordered

TerraTrike Tandem

To be ordered

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1/2 hour for free (info and a ride)
First day  30 Euro
Next days: 10 Euro a day

Reservation is necessary! info@fietser.be


Do I pay any warranty?
No. Rent is paid in advance.

Do I need my ID card?
Yes, and a contract has to be signed you'll find here.

Are the trikes equipped with lighting?

No. But if needed we can provide them.


One set available.

Can I leave the city?
Sure. The towpath network brings you everywhere. Kortrijk, Brugge, Antwerpen, Aalst,...

How can I transport the trike?

The TerraTrikes are not foldable. Some parts however are dismountable and so the smallest size of the trike should fit in a normal size car.

What happens if I get run over?
Fill in the forms, if necessary call the police. The insurance of the other party pays for the damage to the trike.

What happans if I damage the trike?
Damage to a third party is covered by your own insurance. For damage to the trike you are responsible.