Brand new velomobile!!!

  • fast
  • comfortable
  • manoeuvrable
  • divisible
Bries in de bocht
  • Front: 2 x 16”, Double Wishbone suspension.
  • Rear: 20” Trailing suspension.
  • Large Hatch.
  • Detachable nose and tail – in seconds.
  • Mechanical independent disk brakes on front wheels.

  • Optional air suspension front and rear.
  • Optional hydraulic disk brakes, connected or not.

  • Optional mesh seat (in development).
  • Optional 6V or 12V current generation (in development).

With new suspension strut

Velomobile suspension strut for single side supported hubs and disk brakes

  • Disk rotors up to 203 mm
  • Commonly available bearings
  • Free choice of any possible MTB suspension unit
  • Double Wishbone suspension system
  • Adjustable trail & height
  • Symmetric design, 16/20" compatible.