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Waw 032

Geplaatst 29 jun. 2010 00:39 door Brecht Fietser

Hello, this is Fred Ungewitter, from Daytona Beach, Florida USA.

I am the happy owner of WAW 032, purchased from Ray M. of about three years ago.  I have nearly 14,000 miles (22.500 km) of travel since I completed building of the kit. I use my WAW nearly every day and continue to enjoy my driving in this velomobile.


Geplaatst 16 apr. 2010 03:13 door Brecht Fietser   [ 4 jun. 2012 03:36 bijgewerkt ]

Volker Lichem, Austria

After several hundred kilometers and some adjusting to my physique (it fits me now like a glove but there is not a millimeter wasted room) I am utterly satisfied with the machine. I would never have thought that weight is that crucial ( my WAW weighs in now at exactly 27.75 kg complete with hood and visor, all lights and electrical wiring and accumulator, headrest and ventisit mat , bottleholder and 2 allen keys). My cruising speed has dramatically risen although I even put less strain into the pedalling, it just rolls so easily. Use the fotos in the way you like and thank's once again, keep up the good work! And by the way, if you ever develop a seat for taller people let me know this one is just a tick too short in the back for me.
Best regards (also to Brecht)


Geplaatst 16 apr. 2010 03:06 door Brecht Fietser


Geplaatst 16 apr. 2010 03:03 door Brecht Fietser


Geplaatst 16 apr. 2010 02:38 door Brecht Fietser

° 2/2004
Francis Van de Walle, De Pinte


Geplaatst 16 apr. 2010 02:36 door Brecht Fietser   [ 16 apr. 2010 02:41 bijgewerkt ]

° 11/2003
Tom Van den Ende, Holsbeek


Geplaatst 16 apr. 2010 02:27 door Brecht Fietser   [ 16 apr. 2010 02:33 bijgewerkt ]

° 5/2003
eigenaar: Teun Geeroms
gebruik: woon-werk, trainen, racen.


Geplaatst 16 apr. 2010 02:20 door Brecht Fietser   [ 16 apr. 2010 02:34 bijgewerkt ]

° 2/2003
Håkon, Norway
color: orange


Geplaatst 16 apr. 2010 02:16 door Brecht Fietser   [ 16 apr. 2010 02:36 bijgewerkt ]

° 8/2002

David Rönnlund, Stockholm
Kleur: groen
Opmerkingen: Heeft een BionX aan boord. Meer opmerkingen in de BionWAW blogspot...

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