Weather protection is brilliant as expected

Geplaatst 25 mrt. 2015 04:23 door Brecht Fietser   [ 25 mrt. 2015 04:24 bijgewerkt ]

I could improve speed for my home – work rides (30km) from 27 km/h to ~33 km/h. The speed might even improve further, when I’m more used to the WAW and the role in traffic I have with a velomobile. The ability of the WAW to just roll at higher speed 35-50km/h (It's called sailling on hybrid cars)  makes my rides less demanding – I guess I can increase the frequeny of my rides compared to the Zox 26.

 I like the stability the WAW delivers at high speed (50+), this is a clear improvement compared to the recumbent. The Brakes delivering a good performance, for now I don’t spend any thought about upgrading to disc’s (Even though I am a big fan of disc brakes on MTB’s and on recumbents). The luggage capability is amazing – again a big improvement. Weather protection is brilliant as expected.

Tobias Dornhege, WAW165, Germany